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Our People
When you book with ASAP Reporting Services, our dedicated staff and talented reporters all work together to ensure your matter is treated with the highest level of excellence and professionalism, from start to finish. 

Kimberley Stewart

Founder & CEO

Kimberley Stewart is a respected Canadian entrepreneur who founded and built three highly successful legal services businesses. Kim started her career as a court reporter, leading her to found ASAP Reporting Services and later, the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies, the only college in Canada dedicated to the training of real-time court reporters. Her hallmark is attention to detail and she leads by example. She is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and every aspect of ASAP has been well-thought out and meticulously executed with the user’s needs in mind. Kim is also the founder and CEO of Arbitration Place.

Tricia Smith

Vice President

Tricia is a trained legal assistant who now supervises all elements of ASAP’s operations. Working closely with both staff and clients, she provides advice and consults with each department as needed to ensure a smooth delivery of services, especially on complex matters. Tricia is responsible for ASAP’s technology and continually researches new products to ensure that ASAP is kept on the cutting edge of the industry. She is also responsible for the creation and implementation of all the company’s policies and procedures.

Genevieve Malette

Operations Manager

Genevieve manages all ASAP client bookings and reporter assignments. She is the person who will ensure your matter is assigned to the most appropriate person. She has excellent organizational skills and an exceptional relationship with our reporters. Before joining ASAP, Genevieve headed two departments at a document-management company. She studied psychology at University of Ottawa.

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Reporters & Transcriptionists
Reporters & Transcriptionists

In Ontario, anyone can buy an audio recorder and call themselves a "court reporter". At ASAP Reporting, that doesn't cut it. 


At ASAP, we contract with a wide range of committed reporters and transcriptionists with a variety of qualifications and experience.  All our new reporters are vigorously tested and undergo job shadowing to ensure they meet the highest professional standards. 


Many of our contractors are graduates of court reporting courses at the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.  Others have received accreditation from the Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association of Ontario (CSR) or the National Court Reporter’s Association (RPR, RMR, CRR & CRC). 


Several of our real-time reporters and transcriptionists have achieved certification or been grandfathered under the Authorized Court Transcriptionist for Ontario program, which means we are well positioned to assist you with both your transcription and on-site requirements for Ontario court proceedings.


All of our reporters and transcriptionists have been security cleared with the federal government to a minimum of Enhanced Reliability, which means you can trust them with even the most confidential matters. 


Their experience is vast and diverse, ranging from international matters such as criminal tribunals at The Hague, arbitrations and examinations around the world, and pre-trial and tribunal/court hearings at federal, provincial and municipal levels.  They are technically proficient and comfortable with the most complex proceedings, specializing in complex terminology, such as pharmaceutical and indigenous matters.  


Our staff and reporters work together as a team – collaborating to ensure a smooth, effective, accurate service and a quality transcript product every time! 

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